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Boiler Inspections
(Pressure Systems Regulations 2000)

Coffee Safe

If you own or use a coffee machine and it is used in a workplace or commercial environment it is likely that it uses pressurised steam and will therefore fall within the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. This means that you are required by law to have your coffee machine inspected by a competent professional certified to carry out pressure system inspections in accordance to an official Written Scheme of Examination.

The owner and or user of the coffee machine has ultimate responsibility to ensure that these regulations are upheld and that an annual inspection is carried out, otherwise you can be liable for prosecution. Not only is it mandatory by law but the absence of an up to date inspection certificate will most likely invalidate your insurance. More importantly these inspections need to be carried out to protect you, your staff and customers from harm.

Some Other Facts


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What Can We Do?

Historically these inspections would require an engineer and inspector to be present at the same time. The engineer would prepare the machine for inspection and the inspector (quite often from the insurance company) would inspect and report on its safety and condition. This however is a costly annual process as you will be paying for the services of two individuals and it can also prove difficult to arrange both the engineer and inspector to be on site at the same time.

We at Lakes Coffee Services can offer a complete, more cost effective and less complicated solution. Our engineer will prepare the machine for inspection, carry out the inspection and relevant safety checks and arrange for a Written Scheme and certification to be issued. You will be assured that this will be carried out by an IOSH certified professional and authorised by our health and safety partner “Coffee Safe”. We can also tie in the inspection with the annual service on your coffee machine saving you even more down time and money. This can be carried out by a single engineer.

This picture shows the remains of a coffee machine, after it exploded in Sainsbury’s, Farnbourgh, Hampshire in 2010 injuring several people.

This is why your espresso machine needs to be maintained by a professional and competent espresso machine engineer. By law espresso machine boilers need to be inspected annually under PSSR 2000 regs.