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Boiler Inspections
(Pressure Vessel Testing)

There are in the UK a set of regulations covering coffee machines known as the "Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000". They cover steam systems in general but also steam boilers contained inside most commercial coffee machines. Regulations state that anyone with a coffee machine in a commercial premises must adhere to these regulations to protect operators and the public from harm. The HSE are asking business owners for proof of a current boiler certificate showing that the inspection has been carried out Failure to comply with the regulations can be dangerous and may even void your insurance cover so please look into this before you get caught out. As with any equipment in daily use you should maintain it to a safe level and the work should be carried out by competent engineers, the PSSR is equivalent if you like to an MOT for your coffee machine - it is there to ensure no one gets hurt. Please do not avoid having it done as you may well regret it should something go wrong due to a boiler failure. The recent events at a Sainsbury store have ignited the health and safety world and we are seeing the regulation being enforced more than ever before. Lakes Coffee Services can provide boiler inspections in addition to your annual service and provide the relevant certification to keep you compliant.

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This picture shows the remains of an Espresso Machine, after it exploded in Sainsburys, Farnborough, Hampshire in 2010, where sadly one woman was killed

This is why your espresso machine needs to be maintained by a professional and competent espresso machine engineer. By law espresso machine boilers need to be inspected annually under PSSR 2000 regs.